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Q. Is there an application fee?
A. No. We will not charge you for reading your synopsis and 2,500-word extract.


Q. Need I take a whole year to complete my mentorship? Or can I take more than a year?
A. We have no hard and fast rules; this is a matter to be settled between you and your mentor. On the whole, however, TWP discourages people from taking more than a year unless there are special circumstances.


Q. Can I pay for my mentorship in instalments, or do I have to pay the full fee upfront?
A. You will need to pay for the full mentorship upfront.


Q. If I become ill, or for any other reason am unable to complete my mentorship, will I get a refund?
A. Yes. As long as there is a legitimate reason, you will receive a refund for unused sessions, subject to discussion with TWP.


Q. Can I choose the mentor I would like to work with?
A. You are welcome to express a preference. But please understand that the allocation of mentors depends on availability, and TWP has the final say. 


Q. What if I wish to continue with the mentoring relationship after the twenty hours have been used up?
A. You can sign on for another 20 hours as long as your mentor agrees to the idea.


Q. What can I do if I feel I am not getting what I hoped for from my mentoring experience?
A. If you are dissatisfied with the mentoring you are receiving, please e-mail, explaining the problem as precisely as you can. We will make every effort to resolve the issue.