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 “It was autumn 2012 that I did the Arvon week in Shropshire, where I wrote the book’s Prologue and you set me off on the path I’ve taken since! It is fascinating to realise that all the ‘constructive criticism’ from both of you and subsequently has helped me tell the story without ever making me feel it was anything other than MY story. Constructive criticism and mentoring are wonderful skills that are too invisible!”
Mary Ann Hooper, author of  A Great Granddaughter Follows her Forebears to California and Back
“I was reluctant to go back to an old manuscript I’d been toying with for years.  I did return to it and decided my writing was probably not good enough for serious publication.  But I love writing and I loved my story!  I just needed the kind of boost that would set me back on my feet without lurking goblins planting doubts in my mind.  The Writer’s Project gave me that confidence.  The appraisal of my writing changed my whole attitude to my book – which I could look on as being a serious undertaking.  Finally, when I allowed myself to dare approach a publisher or two, I found one who also took it seriously… and soon I will see it in printed book form – a dream come true.”
Juliet  Heslewood, author of Mr Nicholls